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About LoungIn' Cake

Founded November, 2017 LoungIn' Cake LLC is a Brooklyn-based Cakery located in Crown Heights.

About LoungIn' Cake

LoungIn' Cake is a custom cakery based in Brooklyn, New York serving the tri-state area, and shipping nationally!

Founded in 2017 by Danae J. Henry, we aim to be more than a bakery, but a creative catalyst for all who encounter LoungIn' Cake.

Our Core Values
will leave a L.E.G.A.C.Y that will last way beyond our lifetime...

Loyalty + Commitment

To providing quality and consistent products to our customers

Empowerment + Respect

To all we serve through our hospitality, humility and service

To ourselves by staying true to our identity

Growth and Leadership

Continuously innovating, unafraid to take initiative to ensure success for both our customers and our business


Encouraging creativity and authenticity from all involved in the artistic process

Corporate Social Responsibility and Economics

Caring for our immediate and greater community

Yearly Seasonality

Placing emphasis on using the freshest ingredients to ensure the most flavorful products

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