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LoungIn' Weddings​

Congratulations! We know that your wedding day is something special​. We aim to help you bring it to life. After all, your cake is a piece of art that everyone will stare at all night, and be the last thing they eat as your event comes to a close.

Every bride and groom is entitled to a consultation and cake tasting. This is the opportunity to discuss cake design ideas and desired flavors. To book this consult, you must first 
click here to order your flavor sampler box for $30 and fill out an inquiry form. (Due to COVID-19, in person tastings and consults have been suspended; sampler box must be picked up prior to consultation date and time).

Don't worry, once you finalize your wedding order, the $30 goes toward to creation of your perfect cake!

If you don't need a sampler box, you can go straight to filling out the inquiry form and booking a consultation. Your consultation request will be approved once the inquiry form is filled out.

We understand that everything will not be solidified after one meeting and welcome the opportunity to meet again. When booking the follow-up consultation, a $100 Save the Date fee is required. Once paid, you are added to our calendar for the year; we keep this under consideration when accepting other orders. This payment will go towards your cake balance.

During this consult a contact form would be filled out regarding information about the wedding day, including contact for the day of the wedding, and we will begin finalizing cake details for your special day!.

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