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The Basics of Baking FREE E-Book

The first step to feeling in control in the kitchen is knowledge!

When you know what you're doing, you become better at doing it!

Downlad this FREE E-Book to get on your way to Mastering Your Kitchen and creating great treats!

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LoungIn' Cake Mix

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Ashley S, 23

Cinnamon Cake Mix

I was so happy when my favorite cupcake flavor become a cake mix so I could do it at home and have whenever I wanted!

Rachel D, 41

Confetti Cake Kit

The kids LOVED the cake mix. They even added their own twist with food coloring. It was so good I posted about it on my blog!

Tisha R, 34

Red Velvet Cake Mix

Came quickly in the mail and was a fun little activity to do!

Kareem D, 34

Brown Sugar Coconut Cake Mix

As a chef, I love that everything is made by someone in the industry who truly understand ingredients! It was really fun to do with my wife and son and I didn't feel bad about eating it with my family.

Destiny G, 23

Brown Sugar Coconut Cake Mix

I loved making these! The tips and tricks card that came with it was very helpful. When I first ordered there weren't any kits; I'm so happy that they have them now!

Andre, 28

Cinnamon Cake Mix

I'm so glad it came with everything in the kit because I have no baking supplies in my house! There's even a video to help you make it step by step! My babygirl loved it, and I loved the confenience.

Confetti Cake Kit
Red Velvet Cake Mix
Lemon Cake Mix
LoungIn' Cake Mix
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