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Do we have access to rush orders? 

Of course! As affiliate event planners, you get first priority when placing all orders, however, once a date is fully booked, no orders will be "bumped" to take yours. In regard to rush fees, as affiliate event planners, your first rush order is waived (this renews. every six months). 

Can I Combine Discounts?

KINDA...it depends what you are trying to do. If you choose to go with an event planner bundle, you cannot add your standard discount on top of those items. If you were to add any additional items to the order outside of the bundle, however, your event planner discount could be used for those items. As our discount is tiered, the amount of discount applied will depend on the tier that solely those additional items fall into. 

I can book without filling out the form?

The form is mandatory for all orders and preferred to be filled out PRIOR to event and order confirmation. We do, however, understand that during some rush orders your first instinct will be to reach out to me first. That's fine, just fill out the form ASAP so that everything can be recorded properly for the order. No order of any time frame will be confirmed or begin production until that form is filled out.

Is our payment plan the same?

LoungIn' payment plan is the same across the company, beginning with a 40% deposit. In special circumstances, a different payment option may be worked out with the company. Be advised that this is on a case-by-case basis; prior company relations will have an impact on whether this option is allowed.