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When Can I Have a Cake 'N' Sip?

Whenever we have availability! Cake 'N' Sip's are available every day starting from 11am, unless we have a prior event/delivery scheduled. When filling out your inquiry form, you are able to put preferred dates and times; we'll confirm availability in the our response.

Is there an age limit?

Absolutely NOT! Cake 'N' Sips are for everone, however people participating under the age of 15 are required to have a partner 18 or older with them (as some of our supplies are sharp and require supervision to use). In regards to the sip, we have none alcohol champagnes available for the young ones!

Do you host strictly Kids Cake 'N' Sip?

We're working on a schedule of events strictly for our young ones! In the meantime, they are welcome to join our upcoming cake and sips with an adult (at least 18 years of age). We provide non-alcoholic champagnes for those not drinking!

How many drinks do I get?

Each ticket comes with a drink upon entry, as well as your "Sip" cup to take home. All events will have a bartender to purchase individual drinks, or a drink package to sip for the duration of the event.

Can I bring someone with me? Do we each need our own cake?

Up to two people are allowed to work on an individual cake. This is so everyone gets to fully enjoy the class and to prevent overcrowding and injury. In order to work with a partner, you will buy one Cake 'N' Sip ticket, as well as one Add - On Cake 'N' Sip Kit so that each person has the necessary tools to participate and sip!

How long are Cake 'N' Sips?

Generally Cake 'N' Sips last about 2.5 hours including breaks and cake chilling. Some Cake designs require more or less time; all bar packages are priced based on a 3 hour time frame.

Frequently Asked Questions